The Government of Tamilnadu established our college in the year 1969. Courses such as BA History-(1971-1972), B.Com-(1971-1972), B.Sc Maths (1974-1975) ), B.Sc Zoology (1978-1979), B.Sc Chemistry (1979-1980), BA Tamil (1980-1981), BA English (1980-1981), BA Economics (1985-1986), B.Sc Zoology Tamil Medium (1993-1994) and B.Sc Computer science (1998-1999) were introduced over a period of three decades (1965-1999). The college was accredited by NAAC 2005 and it is obtained the B+ status.
The Government of Tamilnadu introduced the shift system in our college in the academic year 2007-2008. In the II Shift Courses such as BA (Tamil), BA (English), BCom, BA (Economics) and B.Sc (Computer Science) where introduced. Subsequently in the I Shift B.Sc Physics (2011-2012) , B.Sc Physics (2011-2012), B.Sc Botany (2011-2012), MA Economics (2011-2012), M.Com (2011-2012), M.Sc., Computer Science (2011-2012) were introduced. The courses such as MA History (2013-2014), MA Tamil (2013-2014), MA English (2013-2014), M.Sc Zoology (2013-2014), M.Sc Botany, MSc Physics (2013-2014) and M.Sc Maths (2013-2014) were introduced. In addition the research programmes such as Ph.D (History), Ph.D (Economics) and as Ph.D (Physics) were introduced.
The Government of Tamilnadu upgraded our college as Grade – I college in the year 2017.